3 Hair Care Tips to Hide Bald Spots

Is your hair starting to thin or are you observing certain spots on your otherwise full-hair head becoming bald? Hair loss and balding as you grow old are extremely normal and considered one of the ways your body transitions itself in the aging process.

However, signs of bald spots or losing large chunks of your hair can be extremely upsetting for many people. For them, they’ve cared for their hair throughout their life only to see it shed on a timely basis.

However, there are many ways you can treat bald spots. Extensive procedures can be done under the supervision of a trained specialist or dermatologist, while other simple methods can easily be employed at home. Granted, home-based techniques are only temporary and don’t necessarily treat the issue at hand. However, they still provide the confidence one desires. Here are some hair care tips you can employ to hide bald spots:


Comb Over

If you notice bald spots in only some parts of your head, usually combing over and covering those spots from the rest of the hair can work. You might need hair spray to style the hair and a plastic comb to be gentle to your scalp, but this is definitely a temporary solution to opt for. Just make sure you set the covered spots with hair spray to avoid the wind gushing over and ruining your overall look!


Clip-in Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the perfect option to cover bald spots and give your hair more volume. Make sure to get clip-in extensions so they can be removed and added whenever you’re headed out. However, using extensions can be a little tricky because any spot left uncovered will just look bad. Watch tutorials and comb over the bald spot to avoid such issues.


Chop It Off

Another way to hide bald spots is by chopping off your hair. You don’t necessarily have to chop off all your hair, however a simple trim will also help maintain your length and hair consistency. Additionally, with the hot weather making us sweat consistently, short hair is probably the best option to go for!


Even if you choose to hide your bald spots, remember not to let it affect you. Balding with age is natural, and you should own it without weakening your confidence.

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