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3 Home Remedies To Prevent Hair Thinning

Hair Loss has become increasingly common among men and women of all ages. If you fall under this category and cannot afford expensive hair treatment, there’s nothing to worry about!

You can now make your hair stronger and healthier simply by using natural products available in your home. Read on to find some useful home remedies to prevent hair thinning:

Onion Juice

The Journal of Dermatology published findings that found onion juice to be extremely beneficial for hair thinning. The vegetable is high in sulfur content that increases blood circulation, promotes collagen growth and contains antibacterial properties to treat scalp infections.

All you need to do is extract onion juice and let it sit on your scalp for approximately 15 minutes. Then rinse using your regular shampoo.

Tip: You may need to lather and rinse the shampoo twice in one wash because the smell of onions is difficult to remove.

Aloe Vera

Fresh aloe straight out of the plant can help damaged hair as well. It is used as a soothing and replenishing remedy that helps create a healthy environment for hair to grow on your scalp. Aloe is also known to clean sebum, a natural oil that prevents hair from growing back.


It maintains the scalp’s pH balance and fights off harmful bacteria in your hair.

Aloe Vera should be directly applied on the scalp. One tablespoon of Aloe Vera can also be eaten on an empty stomach along with applying it on your scalp for optimal results.

Green tea

Green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate (EECG) that prevents hair loss by controlling hormone activity that induces severe hair thinning. It revitalizes hair follicles and enhances body metabolism that eventually leads to hair regrowth.

Other than using shampoos and conditioners containing green tea extract, a homemade hair rinse is highly recommended. Dip 1-2 green tea bags in boiling water. Once cool, apply the liquid on your hair at the end of your daily shower.

With these simple homemade remedies, you are bound to have healthier hair than before!

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