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3 Reasons Why You Lose More Hair in the Summer

Hair experts claim that your hair tends to shed more during the last two months of summer. It isn’t due to your age or diet, but mostly due to the warm weather which causes more hair follicles to fall out.

You don’t have any reason to be scared when you notice severe hair loss from June – August, but it is essential to understand why you lose more hair in the summer to begin with!

The Sun

Summer season means more outdoor activities and ways to expose your hair directly to the UV rays of the sun. According to Dr. Fusco, the scalp holds more hair in the sunniest months of the year to prevent sunburn on the head. Hair tends to fall out more in the last few months of summer as part of their regular growth cycle. The primary cause of hair loss in the summer will always be geography and the places you are located in – the more sun, the more hair loss you will experience later on.  

Chlorinated Water

During the summertime, our hair is exposed to all the chemicals in swimming pools, such as chlorine. Chlorinated water is essentially used to clean swimming pool water by killing any sort of bacteria present. This, in turn, minimizes the hair exposed to its natural oil and dries the hair out much faster than before. This damage can be repaired using special shampoos and conditioners; however, it causes the hair to be brittle and eventually fall out.

Excessive Dandruff

Warmer weather tends to aggravate dandruff. Even though dandruff is solely connected to the scalp, studies show that if left untreated, the results may lead to severe itching and hair loss. Thus, it is almost always important to wash the hair with an anti-dandruff shampoo to save the scalp from drying up and stop the hair from weakening and eventually, falling off.

With the summer season right around the corner, don’t worry about the extra hair loss, but remember to keep your hair as protected as possible!

However, if you have experienced progressive hair loss and you’re looking for a solution we can definitely help minimize the appearance of hair loss through scalp micropigmentation.