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4 Popular Hairstyles That Are Always in Style

With everchanging fashion trends, hairstyles have also transformed throughout history. However, there are a few that are still popular and have only become better versions of themselves. Read along to find out which popular hairstyles are almost always in style:

Messy Pixie

Previously known as the ‘perfect pixie,’ this cut has evolved into a more funky-messy look with asymmetrical spikes. The Messy Pixie accentuates your facial features such as your jawline and cheekbones, and is the perfect go-to for women who look for low-maintenance styles.

Also, we definitely can’t deny the sass and boldness this haircut radiates!


‘Wavy’ Waves

Also called long layers, this hairstyle has been popular for decades. They constitute long, loose waves that are kept as natural as they look on the red carpet – whether it is Jennifer Aniston during the last season of Friends or Blake Lively throughout Gossip Girl.

Many women prefer to maintain this style using clip-on extensions that give the hair a longer, natural look.


The Bob

Whether it’s the blunt bob, choppy bob or even an angled bob, this hairstyle is almost always observed on the red carpet. The transitions from a simple to a more experimental bob have taken place over the years, and we’ve seen numerous celebrities appear with one or the other.

The hair is cut and styled in a way that allows more volume on the top and front of the head. The sides and back are shortened depending on an individual’s preference, but it is usually way over the shoulders.


Historic Up-do

The infamous historic up-do, first rocked by Audrey Hepburn, is still fresh and alive today. Usually styled for more formal events, the up-do is literally taking all the hair on your head and creating a top bun – messy or clean.

Many people also embellish the style with flowers or hair accessories only to make it appear more classy than it already does.