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How do i reduce the shine of my scalp

Every bald individual understands the challenges that come with baldness, one of which is the notorious shine of your skull. Unlike people who prefer a shiny bald head, some bald individuals prefer a matte look. If you have wondered, “How do I reduce the shine on my scalp,” you are certainly not alone. The great news is that there are various shiny scalp remedies you can use for a matte scalp!

Here are some ways to reduce the shine on your scalp:

Get a Buzz Cut

Instead of shaving your head entirely, you can get a close buzz cut. A clean shave will leave your scalp looking shiny. On the slip side, a buzzed head with tiny visible hair will keep your head from shining from afar.

Use an Exfoliant

When washing your head, don’t forget to use an exfoliant to remove the dead skin cells from the surface. It will leave your skin fresh with a non-greasy appearance.

Wipe That Sweat

If you move around a lot or exercise during the day, your head sweat will accumulate with your scalp oil and cause your head to appear shinier than usual. The easiest way to remedy that is by keeping a piece of cloth, napkin, or tissue paper to wipe the sweat off your head when you feel it accumulating.

Choose Mattifying Products

Lastly, you can use products to counter your shiny scalp. Some products are designed for oil control, while others can be deeply moisturizing and greasy. If you want a matter head, invest in Xone Mattifier! It will eliminate the shine from your scalp and leave your skin feeling soft, matte, and clean.

Use the ways mentioned above to reduce the shine on your scalp!

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