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Scalp Micropigmentation

Pattern Baldness & Hairline Restoration Treatment

SMP For men

Scalp micropigmentation has become the leading solution for men’s hair loss. SMP treatment requires no surgery, no medications, and no creams or shampoos. Often times, failed hair transplant recipients turn to SMP as it’s the only solution 100% guaranteed to work!

Before and after a men's crown and hairline restoration scalp micropigmentation procedure.

Goodbye receding hairline & male pattern baldness!

With scalp micropigmentation, receding hairlines are no longer a problem. In fact, we work with you to fully customize your hairline so we can choose one that suits your features and lifestyle.​

Scalp micropigmentation has become an increasingly popular treatment for hair loss for men since it helps to restore a receding hairline and fill-in a thinning or balding crown.

SMP can make a significant difference for any recipient, through increased confidence, the appearance of thicker and fuller hair, and overall aesthetics. 

Often times, many hair transplant patients return to the drawing board when their surgery fails, doesn’t provide the ideal density they were looking for, or to cover up the scars from their procedure.

This is where SMP comes in as the only solution 100% guaranteed to work!

Commonly referred to as a hair tattoo, scalp micropigmentation is a treatment that provides a camouflaging solution to alopecia, pattern balding, and thinning hair for both for men and women.

The scalp becomes “shaded” which reduces the contrast between the hair and the scalp, creating the illusion of thicker, fuller hair or it can mimic the look of a shaved head.