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The Complete Guide to Your Next Summer Buzz-Cut

Summer season is upon us, and the humidity is starting to make us sweat heavily. This means it is officially time to chop off that long hair and give your scalp some room to breathe in all that heat.

We definitely aren’t suggesting you grab a pair of scissors and chop three or more inches of your hair. Keep up with fashion trends and plan your haircut so your hair can look A-class, all while keeping the warm weather in mind.

If you plan to cut your own hair or visit a barber, read on to find the summer buzz-cut best suited for you:


An undercut consists of having some parts of your hair trimmed while the other parts are left completely untouched. It is similar to a mohawk and requires approximately 2-6 inches of hair that need to be cut.

High and Tight

This style is very close to a military haircut where a single strip on top of your head and your sides are shorter. A more extreme version also entails the top strip to be narrower. However, it depends on your individual preference.

Induction Cut

This is the shortest cut usually given to new military recruits. It is the easiest DIY haircut since only one guard length is required for your whole head. Just make sure you follow the shape of your head to maintain the style and consistency.


Dating back to the ’90s, this old-school haircut was extremely common among high school boys back in the day. The haircut appears to be ‘blocky’ on top of the head, with longer back and sides. Another variation known as the ‘horseshoe’ entails the blocky top to be shortened and shaped, similar to a shoe.

Crew Cut

This haircut requires the top to be faded from the front to the crown of the head, leaving longer hair in the front to be styled in different ways. The sides and back are cut in a uniform way, and a transition is created to the front so the haircut looks in shape.

If you’re new to hair styling and haircuts, there is no need to worry. Understand the type of cut you’d love best and try it out!