The Real Value of SMP

When it comes to making a choice regarding your hair loss, there are plenty of factors that will play a role in your final decision. One of those will undoubtedly be COST. I know this because I was in that exact position before.

While cost should be at the forefront of your mind, I also want you to consider the overall VALUE.

As we know, most options, both temporary and permanent, can be costly. More permanent solutions such as hair transplants and hair systems will incur more of an “up front” expense.

Sometimes these costs can be up near $10,000 or more depending on the procedure. Many hair transplant patients may need more than one surgery as well. Hair systems, i.e., weaves or toupees will be priced much lower than transplants due to the fact that the patient is not undergoing surgery. However, maintenance costs associated with these systems can add up in the long run.

That brings us to non-surgical options such as topical solutions, prescription medication and hair growth related products such as laser caps and helmets. Most people report spending around $30-50 a month on topical serums or sprays which produce limited results. Ongoing applications are also needed to maintain any noticeable growth.

Prescription medication will be a part of your daily routine and may not achieve the growth most people desire. In addition, there may be unwanted side effects.

Hair fibers are effective but daily maintenance is needed and costs can add up over time.

Laser hair helmets are quite expensive and again, results may be limited or take longer to achieve.

Scalp micropigmentation offers dramatic, immediate results that are affordable at the same time. The real Value may be that there is no maintenance or ongoing cost. The time involved in daily applications can be a bit of a burden as well.

I have had the SMP procedure done and I can tell you it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. In the long run I feel like the procedure paid for itself.

I had a client of mine that was paying $500 a month getting his head “sprayed and edged” at his local barbershop. I told him after 4-5 months he’ll actually be saving money, not to mention the time involved with going to the barber every week.

In my opinion, that is the real value.