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Types of Hair Loss SMP Can Address

Hair loss can be embarrassing, and people go to great lengths to hide this from others. Whether this is by wearing hats or buying expensive hair treatments, it can be exhausting to keep up the ruse. That’s where scalp micropigmentation comes in – it’s a non-surgical hair loss solution that can make your life much easier. Additionally, it covers a variety of concerns – check out some of them below.


Receding Hairlines

With scalp micropigmentation, receding hairlines are no longer a problem. In fact, you can fully customize your hairline by working with your practitioner and settling on one that suits your features and head shape.


Scar Concealment

Whether it’s a scar from a hair transplant or one from another surgery, it doesn’t have to be visible. Scalp micropigmentation is often used for scar concealment and effectively hides any visible scars – you can then choose any hairstyle you wish without worrying about a mark peeking through.


Male/Female Pattern Baldness

Baldness can be shameful for many people – however, this doesn’t have to be the case with the many hair loss solutions available today. SMP is the perfect solution for pattern baldness since it creates pigment impressions that resemble hair follicles and give an extremely natural appearance. You can say goodbye to any bald spots – scalp micropigmentation will take care of them in an affordable and effective way.


Adding Density

Some have already had hair transplants but need some augmentation. SMP can work in combination with a hair transplant to give you the desired result. Any sparse areas can be filled with the appearance of hair follicles, leading to more density. However, a hair transplant isn’t necessary for this – any unsightly bald spots can be covered, making your hair seem thick and full.

There’s no reason you can’t have the result you desire – simply contact us here, and we can set up an appointment.