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Adding Density to Thinning Hair

Makes hair appear thicker

Conceal thinning

Some SMP candidates with only mild to moderate thinning can use a density treatment to hide the effects of thinning hair.

This is an excellent option for both men and women that have longer hair but wish to minimize the showing of the scalp through the hair.

Before and after a density scalp micropigmentation treatment procedure.

The most common SMP procedure is the “shaved head” effect where clients are advised to keep their hair shaved often to keep the natural look. Not everyone wants to do this however.

Luckily, the density procedure work great for those with longer hair or only mild thinning to “visually thicken” their hair.

An ideal candidate would need a hairline relatively intact in the front, and be okay with keeping their hairline in it’s current position as adjusting it would break the illusion of maintaining a natural look.

Additionally it’s important to still have at least 50% coverage on the crown of the scalp.