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How do i reduce the shine of my scalp

Every bald individual understands the challenges that come with baldness, one of which is the notorious shine of your skull. Unlike people who prefer a shiny bald head, some bald individuals prefer a matte look. If you have wondered, “How

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Why is my head shiny

Why Is My Head Shiny?

Have you ever wondered, “Why is my head shiny?” While some people prefer their bald heads to have a lovely sheen, others want an understated appearance. After all, a shiny scalp does not suit everyone. So, what could be the

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4 Ways to Treat a Dry Scalp

Dry scalps can have several causes such as change in weather or a harsh ingredient present in your hair care products. If you don’t treat a dry scalp, it can result in excessive itchiness and irritation. These four steps might

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Types of Hair Loss SMP Can Address

Hair loss can be embarrassing, and people go to great lengths to hide this from others. Whether this is by wearing hats or buying expensive hair treatments, it can be exhausting to keep up the ruse. That’s where scalp micropigmentation

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How Diet Can Combat Hair Loss

While there are a multitude of factors that affect hair loss, it cannot be denied that diet is one of them. Like other parts of the body, hair growth depends on nutrients. Therefore, a healthy diet is essential for healthy

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